Friday, June 7, 2013

The Return on Tip Toes....

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to say thank you for all the emails and telephone calls. I've been quite busy since we last got together in October 2012. I will get to all your individual questions soon.

I am surprised how many people actually watch my silly videos on YouTube. Thank you for the world that stayed in touch while I was not.... Recently there have been quite a few hits from the United States. It's good to see that you're watching.

You'd think, being away and busy would produce more content and music for your eyes and ears. I am sorry to say that I've not been doing many creative musical things. So as far as content I have nothing to show for my time away.

I can attest to my detoxification of energy and habits in my life that weren't conductive to Aaron Paul. I'm eating much better, meditating, and learning to just sit in the quite and view the future. I hope to talk to you soon and share a journey that I'm still on, still living and remembering bits and pieces I forgot along the way.

Shhhh....trying to tip toe around not to disturb if you're so quietly. 

Please include these quiet unspoken thoughts in your prayers if possible....

My daily prayers are with our leaders and those fighting for freedom throughout the world. My prayers are for those who's better interests are for the future of a safe free world in separate but equal bodies one and all.

I love you for reading, I love you for listening, and I love you for knowing me...however in whatever form you may. We will chat more soon.

    Aaron Paul